Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tree Sparkle

Hi all.......Jan here again.  Another card from the workshop, quite straightforward this one really.

This one is slightly larger than DL size.  I cut the Acetate slightly larger that the background paper so as to create a dome when the card was complete.
As usual, when stencilling, I taped the Imagination Craft Swirl Trees Stencil into place but only positioned it to include one of the trees to one side, and spread with Diamond Sparkle Medium using a spatula, then set that aside to dry.
I measured the Imagination Crafts Crystal Sky card and cut a slight larger piece of white card stock for its first layer. I then measured a piece of dark blue card stock leaving enough of a border to stamp the greeting around the outside.  To make sure I positioned the stamping I placed the white layer down and marked the corners on the dark blue card very lightly so I could erase it after the stamping was complete.
I went ahead and stamped the greeting using the Winters Day stamp, Versamark and Wow Bright White embossing powder.  Then drew the little lines in between using a fine white marker.
Once the tree was dry, I taped it down again positioning the second tree along side the first and spread with the medium, then left that to dry.
When it was all dry I scored the acetate down each side about 1cm in from the edge, then taped one side to the back of the background card using the super strong red tape, then the other side the same and the dome was created.  Then taped that to the white layer before layering onto the dark blue card.
Hope you like it, and thanks for your comments at the workshop.
Love Jan x

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