Thursday, 21 September 2017

A Layered Wreath Card with a Sprinkle of Beads

Good morning ladies and gents! Martina here with a more intricate take on the lovely Christmas Wreath nesting stamp set I have been looking at this month. I have shown some 'quick' makes over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I would show you my favourite card for this month, which is a bit more time consuming, but worth it.

I wanted a soft look to my card this time, so instead of using white card and bright colours, I went with a cream card topper base and some muted colour tones from the Versacolor Ink range. Just as before, I used my stamp press to add the three layers and colours to the wreath, but I did not ink the large bow at the top.

I then repositioned the mid-layer (cones/stick layer) stamp on my press, so that it was upside down. Inking only the cones, I stamped them onto the wreath once again.

Putting the red layer back into the press, I stamped lots of the poinsettia flowers all over some more cream cardstock. I needed 2 stamped flowers to create one for the wreath, as I wanted to layer them up for extra dimension. For the top layer in the flower, I simply cut away the lower leaves.

I added a sentiment from the Hobby Art Christmas Frosting Set to the middle of my wreath, stamped in the same brown as the cones. I then started to position where I wanted my flowers to sit around the wreath.

With the positioning sorted, I moulded the flowers with an embossing tool to give them some 'movement' and glued them down. As I had not stamped with the brown layer when stamping all the flowers to be cut out, there was no detail to the middles of them. I started by adding some brown dots with a pen, but they looked really flat, so I decided to do one of my favourite things - add beads! I found some tiny amber coloured seed beads from my stash, added some Silicone Glue to the middle of each flower and placed some beads on top. I left these overnight to dry, so that I was not tempted to prod them...

All done! I am pleased with this one, anyone who knows me knows that I hate cutting out, but the flowers weren't that fiddly, so this was not too bad! It is one of those things you could do in front of the telly I suppose...

See you next week for my last wreath card!

Christmas Wreath 1 Christmas Frosting HAVersacolor Brown Clear Silicone Adhesive

Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Wreath Collage Card

Hello folks, Martina here with another take on using the Nellie Snellen Wreath Stamp. Hasn't Autumn crept up fast? I know it has not 'technically' started yet, but it definitely feels like it here. It will soon be time for my annual mushroom hunting trip in a forest I love, (not to pick, just to spot) as well as time to start thinking about Christmas, I suppose!

This week I have a card to share that can either be considered as one, rather large, 8x8 card, or 4 little ones. Once again, I wanted to be able to create a fairly simple card, that I could replicate easily, but that was also 'handmade'.
Using my stamp press, I placed the first of my stamp layers into position on the top plate. You may be wondering why it is stamped up and to the left, the reason for this being that the first time I stamped it, I didn't realise that some parts are obviously bigger than others and so got caught on the edges of the press...doh! To get around this, and still make life easy for myself, I cut 4 pieces of card to equal sizes. I stamped the 'green layer' of the stamp onto each piece. I then switched the stamp layer and changed colour to repeat the process. As the card pieces were all cut to the same size and placed tight against the stamp press corner, the position would be perfect for each one (obviously if you wanted to make more than 4 cards, you would do the same for how ever many you wanted!)

Once I had stamped all my layers with Versacolor Ink on each topper, they looked like this...

Yes, but it is all 'off to one side' I hear you say - no problem. As each topper was the same size and stamped in the same place, I measured how big I wanted it to be and repeated the measurements and cuts for each one. If you were making 4 different little cards and not one large one, this would not matter so much, as the wreaths would not be next to each other in one place (up to you, really!)

The next step was to choose the decoration I wanted to add to the insides. I used some Christmas Card-io stamps and a sentiment from the Christmas Frosting Hobby Art Set, playing around to create little 'scenes'. I used torn paper to create 'hills' and cut out circles to mask off 'suns' ( if you would like to see more of how this is achieved, check out last week's blog post HERE) Versacolor, Distress and Archival Inks were used to stamp with (depending on the colours I had!). The final touches were to add some stickles and glittery bits!

Voila! I think I prefer these as 4 individual cards, as the 8x8 one is a big piece to take in, but it's all about the 'journey' as they say, and not the destination!

See you next week,
lots of love,

Christmas Wreath 1 Versacolor Brown Christmas Frosting HA

Friday, 8 September 2017

Reindeer Dies & Sparkle

Hi there crafters, it's Friday again and my little offering for the blog.
A nice simple little card today but using some super little Marianne dies we worked with at the September class last Friday.
Using a 6" x 6" white card, I taped around all four sides of the card using double sided tape.
Then I burnished some fine glitter from the Encrusted Jewel Kit onto the tape.
Next came some matting and layering, I used some sparkly red card from my stash, then created a white sparkly matt by using Woodware Double Sided Sheets and the glitter again.
Next I die cut the dies as follows using the red sparkly card again:
And a sentiment from my stash
Once I'd cut the dies I ran them through again using the embossing mat to create the detail.
Next was to put the card together by matting the white sparkly card onto the red then onto the main card.
Using Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue I placed the little ivy die cut into the corner and then the sentiment before deciding where the reindeer where going to go.
I decided I wanted to flat mat the female reindeer and double 3D the male reindeer with  Mini Mount Pads. You can see the shadow it created in the next photo
Voila all done, as I say nice quick little card to batch make for Christmas I think.
I'm looking forward to the Paper Artsy class on Saturday I hope some of you are there too.
Take care and see you again very soon
Love Jan -x- 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

A 'Sepia' Style Wreath Card for Christmas

Good morning all! Martina here with the first of a series of Christmas cards... Yes, there is no point in denying it, it is on its way now! On the upside - it feels all 'autumny' here, cold and bright mornings for the school run and bright colours starting to peek though. Anyway, enough of my musing and back to the job in hand...

So, the cards from me this month are all very easy and quick to do (perfect for batch making). With the addition of a stamp press, (such as the Press to Impress) you can be 'cooking on gas' in no time! 

The main element of my card is a layered Wreath Stamp from Nellie Snellen. There are 3 separate layers to the set, so it easy to stamp each colour layer without having to colour in or do any fiddly inking. It is also easy to line the layers up as the stamps are all clear and a good size.
I started my stamping by using the cones and sticks layer with some Bark Versacolor Ink. While the stamp was still in the press, I inked the same layer again with a darker brown to give some shading and depth. With the brown layer done, I moved onto the greenery and used Bamboo Ink with another darker green on top (I am rubbish at writing the colours down I use, it tends to be the nearest one...)
The last layer is the floral and bow detail. I decided I wanted to have a muted, sepia tone for this card, (more manly?) so I went for the creamy poinsettias that you sometimes see. I inked the flower and berries with Vanilla Versacolor and stamped down. It was very feint, so I inked again and repeated. To add a little more colour, I dotted some Canary Versacolor to the edges. To add the bow and finish the wreath, I inked it in Burgundy.

With my wreath all done, I decided I wanted to use it as a frame for a little scene. I cut a little moon from some sticky notes and placed into what would become the sky. Using some Scattered Straw Distress Ink (or maybe Antique Linen??), I smudged the ink outwards to leave a 'halo'. To create the ground I used some good old torn paper and a brown...(Vintage Photo?? who knows...!)

Using the same colours, I inked around the edges of the topper to bring the eye in. I added a couple of deer from a Christmas Card-io set and a sentiment from the Hobby Art Christmas Frosting Set to finish off (I stamped with Potting Soil Archival Ink to keep with the brown tones). Ta dah!

That's it from me this week, I am off to Lisa's PaperArtsy workshop on Saturday, so might see some of you there? There are a couple of places left...


Christmas Wreath 1 Press to Impress Stamping ToolAntique Linen - MiniVersacolor Brown Christmas Frosting HA

Thursday, 31 August 2017

A Card-io 'Wild' Garden Card

Good morning all, Martina here with my last Card-io card following last month's classes. How strange has the weather been? On Monday I was sweltering in a summer dress whilst inflating paddling pools and now I am sitting in bed socks with a dressing gown on (what a vision!!). 

Today's post is a quick one from me, although the card itself took a little longer to make than it should, due to a mistake or two along the way (it was late at night!!)

So, I knew I wanted to make a scene, and this time not a 'pretty, pretty' one. I am not sure about you, but my garden is not always a picture postcard, very often my flowers include some of the 'wild and free' varieties. Inspired by this, I wanted an everyday scene, more realistic, you might say!

My first step was to have a play with some stamps and copy paper. I wanted to experiment with the washing line stamp which is on the Perfect Patch Set, as I had not really used it. I tried different angles and colours until I had an idea with which to run with.

I started to build my scene, adding my washing line and then a wheelbarrow. I used Versacolor Cement and Black Ink for this, with Bark and Black for the washing line. I wanted to add some pots, so I used two of the ones from the Posh Pots Set and stamped with Topaz and Bark this time, masking one to stamp the other behind.
Can you see my whoops? Obvious, isn't it? Poo (and all those other words, followed by a biscuit break, or 10). I appear to have balancing, floating, weird-ish pot problems. You just can't get the staff. Be honest: have you done it though?
I did try to save it, but made it worse, so in the bin it went and I started again, dear readers.

Slightly better this time - I repeated the first stage and then readjusted my pot composition. I used a stamp press to repeat stamp the flowers from the Backyard Blooms Set and colour each part with various Versacolor Inks as I went. I made a mask for the wheelbarrow, which allowed me to stamp foliage around it. The hills were made with torn paper and little brown ink to give a bit of 'grounding' to my scene.

Final touches - some bugs from the Backyard Blooms Set, a little pen detail with a fine liner, some Distress Ink around the edges to bring the eye in and some dashes along the edges. Voila!

So there we have it: there are flowers in even the most ramshackle garden, even if they are wild ones!
That's it from me this week,

Card-io Collection Perfect Patch    Card-io Collection Posh Pots Card-io Collection Backyard Blooms Versacolor Black Versacolor TopazVersacolor Violet