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Christmas Light up Box Tutorial.......

Good morning all, 

I do hope that you are all well and dodging the cold bug that is doing the rounds!

Well it was a busy weekend for me as I had my workshop on Sunday at Grove Green and my ladies got to make a light up Christmas box scene using Tando Products and and a lot of mediums....

Kirsten and I decided to take some stage photos so that I could blog it for you, although we got three quarters of the way through it and then it got too busy and people needed help so I will just explain the rest as we forgot to take any more photos and I have had to finish it at home. I will blog this one a bit later. 

The one pictured below is the one that I made before the class.

To start off we used the Tando Creative Boxed Scene Kit, which comprises of a very sturdy outer MDF box that slots and glues together, three greyboard houses and a large greyboard three.

I also gave them an extra kit to play with of assorted Tando embellishments.
So I started by painting the inside of the box back, top and sides to create a night sky using Deco Art Americana Paints in ultra marine and calypso blue. Blending the colour, giving an ombre effect.

Once that was dry, I used a template that I had created using a round die and thick card to create a moon. I placed it so that it overlapped the join to continue on to the top.

Next I used a Domed Stencil Brush and some Rich Gold Starlights through an Imagination Crafts Starry Trail stencil to create some stars in the sky.......

Once that was done I added some water to what Rich Gold paint I had on my mat and used a 3/4" Flat Brush to splatter some paint to create mini starts on the background. 

Next was to add some fluffy clouds to the sky, so I used the 3/4" Flat Brush again and Blanc Rusty Patina. Using the brush sideways with very little Rusty Patina on my brush I added some wispy clouds on to the background. I also painted my Reindeer Tando santa and Sleigh in Black Starlight paint and glued it to the background.

The next stage was to start decorating and building the houses. So once they were folded along their score lines it was time to set about painting them. I painted the bases of the houses inside and out with Blanc Rusty Patina. I decided to be a little different from my original one with this one  and painted the roofs, windows and doors in different colour Deco Art Americana Paints.
Once the houses were dry, I glued them together and added the roofs, windows and doors.

In this next picture, you can see that I have added some snowy roofs to my houses. This was done with a  3/4" Flat Brush and Blanc Rusty Patina and then glitter sprinkled on top.
I also did it to all the other Tando Embellishments in the extra pack.

So this is when it started to get a little busy and lots of people needed help so there are not step by step pictures.......

The next step was to create the snowy mounded base for the houses to sit on and this was done by scrunching up and shaping tin foil and then covering it with Structure Paste. I then added white tissue paper and then more Structure Paste and stippled with a palette knife.

Once that was dry I then gave it a coating of  Blanc Rusty Patina and then glitter to make it sparkle.

Next came the exciting bit as I had drilled a hole in the back bottom side of the box and it was time to feed through the Mini Lights ( I do have them available and will be on the website soon or you can ring me) and glue them in place to the back inside of the box with a hot glue gun being very careful not to glue the actual lights and just the wire. The flat small switch is then attached to the back of the box.
Once in place I glued and assembled the box and then started attaching all the elements within.

I had used a Marianne die to die cut some trees for the front left and right side of the box as shown....

Once this was all dry, I then finished off by using a palette knife and  Structure Paste to decorate the outer box top and sides to look like peaks in the snow as shown below. Once that had also dried I then went over with a layer of  Blanc Rusty Patina and glitter to finish off.

Then it was all finished and ready to light up........

I really loved making this scene and have gone on to make quite a few more different ones which I will show you soon. This has been in my head for about four years that I wanted to make and teach this and it was great to get the chance to do it.

I do hope that you have enjoyed taking a look and I will be back soon with some more light up makes.

Have a great week

love and hugs 
Lisa B xxx

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Image result for tando boxed scene kit   Starry Trail IMST - NEW!!  Structure Paste IC  SM Spatula JT3

Reindeer Santa & Sleigh   Bauble Branch large   Tando Minis - Snowflakes   Rusty Patina - Blanc  

3/4" Flat Paintbrush  Black SL  Rich Gold SL  Domed Stencil Brush

Carousel Pink AACitron Green AA Calypso Blue AA Ultramarine Blue AABahama Blue AA

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