Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Party Class

Hi All,

I have just said to Paul that I cannot believe the last time I updated this blog was July. I am so sorry, I have really failed on last years New Year resolution!!!
Where did the last six monthes go, come on who pinched em????
I really must try harder or get a blog manager in!

Well the Christmas Party Class what can I say, what great fun we had.
Thank you to all of you that attended and thank you for all your lovely emails after to thank me for my efforts, it is so very much appreciated.
Thank you also for your lovely gifts and cards, the standard has been so high, I must be doing something right in my teaching!

Well enough of me babbling, you want to see some pics, don't you.
Here goes:

We are all so eager, crafting and good food.......

Mine's sliding about a bit with this sticky stuff!!!!

Double sided tape!! we wern't ristning too!! He, He!

Hmmmnn, I can really smell that food......

How much longer have we got on this project?.....

Hmmmn! Cupcakes.......

The cupcakes were FAB 0:) 0:) 0:)!

She's not gonna make us eat anymore is she!!!

This is so much fun........

Shall we wear the table decs?

And the winner for the Craft Hamper was........ Vivien Brownlow!

And the winner for one of Rosemary's gorgeous arrangements was........Yvonne Lambert!

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year........

Well that's all for now.
All that is left to say is if you are interested in my classes, workshops, my mobile shop, demo dates or event days please email me at: and I will add you to my newsletter mailing list.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Big Seasonal Hugs.