Thursday, 29 December 2016

Decorated MDF Art for the Home

Hello all! Are you reading this and still trying to get over some Christmas indulgences? I know I am, along with planning all the things I am going to make with the presents Santa left for me! I always find that tea and biscuits are fuel for the imagination, so let that be my excuse for a few more naughty treats...

For my last make for 2016, I wanted to create a piece of art for the home. I have used a Christmas theme, but with minor changes this can easily be modified into any genre you fancy! 

Apologies, I forgot to take a photo here, but once the Starlight Paint was dry, I covered the words with a layer of Imagination Crafts Crackle Medium. I painted quite a thick layer (for bigger cracks) and kept the brush strokes in a vertical motion. The medium is clear, so you don't see anything until dry. The next step was to paint a thin layer of Imagination Crafts White Gesso and wait for the magic to happen...

To bring the colour in slightly and look a little more vintage and rusty, I used some Cut and Dry Foam and Pumice Stone Distress Ink to tint the edges of the letters.

I then turned to my stash and die cut loads of foliage, flowers, twigs etc. in blues, cream, craft card and pearl tones. All were designed to mix and match and bring my colours together. I could not find the right blue at the time, but no problem, a coat of the Starlight Paint on some card and the perfect match was made.

Lots of deliberating later, some other odd bits from my stash and hot glue...

At this point I wanted to add some more interest to one of my letters. I should have really done this before sticking all my embellishments on, but when does that logic happen in real life? Certainly not for me anyway! I thought I needed some sparkle so I turned to my old faithful: Sparkle Medium. I wanted a colour that would compliment nicely, so used Welsh Gold. I chose a snowflake stencil and positioned over the letter 'O', masking off the other areas with Repositionable Tape.

You really can't beat the effect of Sparkle Medium...

So the whole piece is complete, with just a few additions that say 'Christmas'. Take away the snowflake stencil and some of the foliage to create a piece for all year round. The crackle effect is classic and timeless along with being easy peasy to do! (bonus!!)

My last post for the year! My goodness, what a year it's been. Crafting is a refuge for most of us, and with the current trend for 'adult colouring' I think the world is catching on...

Thank you so much for reading my posts throughout the year and taking the time to leave comments (so I know I am not alone!) I wish you all the best for 2017; may your year be happy and healthy and I look forward to working (and playing) with you in the crafty future!


Home Wooden Stand up Word Mediterranean Sky SLWelsh Gold SM Repositionable Tape Cut-n-Dry Foam Crackle Medium White Gesso


  1. Brilliant project Martina, I love the crackle medium, I don't use it enough and should, thanks for the inspiration :o) xx

    1. Glad you liked it! I am quite fond of distressing things! xx


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