Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sparkle and Shine This Christmas!

Good morning! Time is flying now and it feels like a race, but this year I am determined to take in the true spirit of Christmas!

This week I have a very simple card to share with you, but one that I like for that very reason! I think half of my issue with making cards each year is that I get hung up on trying to make complicated things with lots of techniques; how about you? So, out of curiosity, I looked in the supermarket at some of the 'posh' expensive cards and most of them seemed very simple to me and still looked very good...(not as nice as handmade ones though!) Here is my take...

First to create a simple background for my sentiment and embellishment. Using Watercolour Card as my base, I applied some Imagination Crafts Starlight Paints with a wide flat brush, leaving the edge of the card white. I used Sax Blue and Mediterranean Sky paint, watered down to around a 50/50 mix.

Once dry, I used a stencil from my stash and applied some Imagination Crafts Black Stars Sparkle Medium through it.

I then used Silver Sparkle Medium and another stencil to add some stars all over the blue area.

When all the mediums were dry, I selected some papers from my stash and matted and layered the topper panel together.

Now for the final element - an MDF lamppost from the Craft Emotions Fence and Lanterns Set. The set includes lots of designs and pieces, so it is perfect for adding a finishing touch! I painted the lamppost with Black Starlights Paint and left to dry. I then used my finger to apply Imagination Crafts Silver Alchemy Wax to the right-hand side of the lamppost (as if the stars were making it shine!)

All put together...

There we have it; simple, but effective. At least I think so anyway!
Until next week then chaps...the race is on and Santa has lots of wrapping to do...


Fence & Lanterns CEWBlack SLMediterranean Sky SLSax Blue SLWatercolour CardBlack Stars SM Silver SM Silver AWX

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