Thursday, 22 December 2016

Santa Flying by to say Merry Christmas!

Nearly there folks! How many cards have you got left to make? How many crafty Christmas bits did you buy and not use? The answer to both of those questions is simply 'lots and lots' for me!
Oh well, best intentions and all that... I do like admiring my stash anyway; it looks pretty and maybe one day I will use it all!

This week I'm continuing my theme from last week and making another quick and easy card. I started with having a play with some Imagination Crafts Starlights Paints, mixing the colours Diamond, Dark Orchid, Lilac Mist, Cyclamen and Amethyst in lots of different combinations until I was happy! It's quite therapeutic you know, the paints blend really well and if you use Watercolour Card you can also make the colours into a wash and blend on the cardstock.

For this particular card, I decided to use a mix of Cyclamen, Diamond and a touch of Dark Orchid. All were made into a wash and blended into each other on the Watercolour Cardstock.

I then took an MDF embellishment from my stash and painted with Dark Orchid straight from the bottle.

Once the paint was dry I used some Diamond Sparkle Medium applied with my finger to add some bling to the sentiment.

The next step was to add my main image. I used the Imagination Crafts Rooftops Stencil and masked off the areas that I wanted to use using Repositionable Tape. I then twisted the stencil slightly to get the angle that I wanted before taping it down ready to work with.

I used Black Stars Sparkle Medium through the stencil and left to dry.

Once I had created the two main elements, I wanted to add some more detail to the background. I put the sentiment roughly in the area that I wanted it and used this to plan where to add some more interest with another stencil. Once planned, I removed the sentiment and applied more Black Stars Sparkle Medium.

All layered up and complete!

Very simple; let the sparkly stuff do the magic! The photos don't really show it here, but trust me, there's bling!

That's it from me this week, so all that remains for me to say before the big day is
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a fabulous time, however you choose to spend it.

Lots of love

Amethyst SLCyclamen SLDark Orchid SLDiamond SLLilac Mist SL Watercolour Card Black Stars SM Diamond SM Repositionable Tape Rooftops IMST

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