Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hobby Art Poles Apart with some Sparkle and Snow!!

Good morning ladies and gentle folk, how are we doing? One of my kiddies has a love of jokes at the moment and loves the new Hobby Art Poles Apart Set:

What to polar bears eat for lunch?
Ice berg-ers!

One more:

What do you call a polar bear on thin ice?
An ice breaker!!

Apologies, I do love a dodgy Christmas joke!

Back to crafting... This week I have been using the Poles Apart Set along with some Spectrum Noir Pencils, Vellum, Sparkle Medium and Starlights to create a frosty cute card. Step one was to roller Mediterranean Sky Starlight Paint across a section of card cut to make the main topper. I then added some Sax Blue Starlight with a baby wipe in a horizontal sweeping motion to create a frosty, icy feel.

Next I tore some of the lovely Woodware Vellum into roughly even vertical strips. This vellum is so thick it will allow you to do lots of techniques on top of it and still look crisp on your card. I placed each strip onto my Starlight card in roughly the places I wanted them to be. I then used Versamark Ink to stamp one of the sentiments from the Hobby Art Winter's Snowflakes Set three times across the strips and heat embossed with Wow Detail White Embossing Powder.

To make the edges look frosty and sparkly, I used Diamond Sparkle Medium across each edge. I applied this with my finger and lots of dabbing!

Leaving the strips to dry, I used lots of different snowflakes, again from the Hobby Art Winter's Snowflakes Set, to decorate my main topper front. I used the same technique as before with Versamark and Wow Detail White Powder. To continue the frosty feel, I dabbed more Diamond Sparkle Medium all around the edge of the card.

Once all was dry I placed my vellum strips back across my decorated card in the final positions I wanted them. I used a ruler and scalpel to score the strips where I wanted to fold them and tuck behind the topper. This is important, as I wanted to anchor the strips onto the card from behind, therefore alleviating the necessity for glue to be used on the front.

My next step was to use Spectrum Noir Pencils to colour my chosen characters from the Hobby Art Poles Apart Set. All my colours were from the Essentials set:

Each character was decorated in stages as below:

My next stage was to matt and layer my main topper panel with some  Silver Mirri Card to make it pop.

Once cut out, I placed my characters on the card topper and added some small Diamond Gems into the centre of each 'snow' stamp.

There we have it; a frosty friends card!

Hope you like it, I will see you next week with some more gorgeous polar friends!


P.S. What kind of fish do Penguins catch at night?

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Poles ApartWinter's SnowflakesMediterranean Sky SLSax Blue SLPure White VellumDiamond SM Versamark Ink PadSilver Mirri CardSpectrum Noir Pencils - Essentials Bright White Regular WEPDiamond Gems Clear - 80 pieces


  1. I love this card so much! It's gorgeous! Thank you for such a clear tutorial! Debs x

    1. Really glad you liked it! Thank you for leaving a comment, it's great to know what you think x

  2. Brilliant blog Martina 😃 I love the use of the vellum over Starlights, love it x

  3. Beautiful card Martina, loving the icy look to it x

  4. That sound you hear is me groaning over your joke, lol. ;-) This is a lovely card.


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