Thursday, 24 December 2015

Starlights and Sparkle Medium used to make a Christmas Candle

I know it's slightly early, but Happy Christmas everyone!
The build-up is always the best for me, and today I am going to need to finish wrapping and stuffing 'the bird' (otherwise known in our house as 'Henrietta'!) Tomorrow, I will be armed with batteries, scissors and preparing for mass Lego assembly...
For my project this week I decided to venture into the world of candles. I have only ever applied stamps to candles, (using the tissue paper method etc) so I thought it might be nice to try using paint. Sue at Imagination Crafts has made some lovely samples with Starlight Paint, so let's have a go...
I used a thick pillar candle and painted directly with Rich Gold Starlight Paint. I found that three coats gave the best finish, with no streaks (ignore the other colours pictured below, I was playing!)
Once the paint was dry, I wanted to try using another Imagination Crafts product on the candle, Sparkle Medium. I found a stencil that I liked, wrapped it around the candle and applied Champagne Sparkle Medium through it with a spatula. I did one section at a time, letting it dry in between and then filled in any 'gaps' at the end.

One both mediums were dry, you get a a really funky effect; raised and glittery with no shedding! At this point you can also still burn your candle as all the Imagination products are water-based rather than solvent-based (once you add the embellishments that is a different story!)

Next, I have used a brayer to coat a piece of Super Smooth White Card with Orange Oxidised Starlight Paint, die-cut some poinsettias from this and embossed them all in various sizes.  Once dry, I have then applied a thin layer of Platinum Starlight Paint, using a paint brush.  For the flower 'middles', I painted some Clear Diamond Gems with the Platinum Starlight Paint paint as well.

To add a little contrast to the flowers, I have stamped poinsettia stamps directly onto the painted card with Jet Black Staz-on and cut them out. Once assembled into layers it gives dimension to my flower.

Some ribbon and some foilage dies complete the candle (check out some fantastic cutting dies in the shop!)

Have a magical day tomorrow, eat lots and enjoy some family time!
Lots of love
Rich GoldChampagne PlatinumOrange OxidisedSuper Smooth WhiteStazon Jet Black Diamond Gems Clear - 80 pieces


  1. Beautiful Martina, I've used sparkle medium through a stencil before on a candle but never thought of painting one, so effective. Hope you have a magical Christmas xxx

  2. That is beautiful, Martina. Hope you had a great Christmas, Happy New Year to you & your family.


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