Monday, 19 January 2015

January Promotion & Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who commented on the two weeks of the Hobby Art promotion posts, we hope you enjoyed seeing the projects.
Important message: Please, PLEASE check that you've left a comment on EVERY post during the promotion fortnights. I hate having to leave people out, I want you all to be in with a chance.
This month's prize.........
Those who commented on every post are as follows:
January 5
Yvonne 1
Samantha 2
Jan 3
Nicola 4
Liz 5
January 6
Jan 6
Nicola 7
Samantha 8
Liz 9
Yvonne 10
 January 7
Yvonne 11
Liz 12
Jan 13
Nicola 14
Samantha 15
January 8
Nicola 16
Jan 17
Yvonne 18
Samantha 19
Liz 20
January 9
Yvonne 21
Jan 22
Nicola 23
Samantha 24
Liz 25
January 10

Yvonne 26
Samantha 27
Jan Sharp 28
Nicola 29
Liz 30
January 11

Samantha 31
Nicola 32
Jan Sharp 33
Yvonne 34
Liz 35
January 12

Yvonne 36
Nicola 37
Jan 38
Liz 39
Samantha 40

January 13

Nicola 41
Liz 42
Jan 43
Yvonne 44
Samantha 45

January 14

Nicola 46
Jan 47
Yvonne 48
Samantha 49
Liz 50
January 15

Yvonne 51
Jan 52
Nicola 53
Samantha 54
Liz 55
January 16

Yvonne 56
Jan 57
Nicola 58
Samantha 59
Liz 60
January 17

Jan 61
Nicola 62
Samantha 63
Liz 64
Yvonne 65

January 18

Liz 66
Yvonne 67
Nicola 68
Jan 69
Samantha 70
As always, we got to choose the winner.......

Which corresponds with Yvonne Lambert's comment on January 12.

Congratulations Yvonne!

You now have ONE week to email Lisa - - with your address & she will post out your prize.

We hope you enjoy using it.
Thanks again to everyone, the next promotion will start on Monday, February 9 & in the meantime, the blog challenge continues until February 7.

The MEGA SALE is continuing on the website. There have been a lot of sell outs, but there are still plenty of bargains waiting to be snapped up.

I'll be back tomorrow with my regular Tuesday post.


  1. Thank you for the giveaway chance! Congratulations to yvonne. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations Yvonne! Have fun with your prize. xx

  3. Congratulations Yvonne, enjoy your stamps , Nicola x

  4. Thank you, Lisa for my prize.
    I was delighted to receive the stamps earlier this week. They are an amazing prize. I can't wait to have a go at using them very soon.

    I already have the foam mounted stamp, so will be taking into school for the girls and several boys now, to use in our card making enrichment, It's a lovely stamp and I can show them the samples I did and got published on the Hobby Art website.

    Thank you also to the congratulations on this page. Much appreciated.


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