Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Distress Stain Backgrounds

Hello blog visitors, Kirsten here, happy Wednesday to you all.  My blog post for today has turned out to a mini tutorial that will be completed tomorrow.

I know from talking with the ladies at Lisa’s classes that they haven’t tried using Distress Stains yet, so I thought I’d show you a very simple way to create a background, using them & stamping.
Distress stains are ink-based, fluid dyes, they come in the same range of colours as the distress inks & they're great for adding colour to a porous surface quickly & easily.  I’ve chosen manila tags as my surface today, they’re an ideal size for trying out techniques.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 001

First thing to do is put various colours of the stains on your craft sheet.  Inside the bottle is a valve which you open by pressing the brushed nylon dabber onto the sheet.  If you want more stain gently squeeze the sides of the bottle.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 002

Swipe the tag through the stains.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 003

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 004

Dry the tag for a few seconds with your heat tool, then spritz with water.  The stains react with the water & will blend with each other.  Dry thoroughly – you can also mop up the excess stain with a paper towel.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 005

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 006

Once dry, you can press the tag into the remaining stain, this will give you a mottled effect, as in the tag on the right.  I used a second tag to mop the rest of the stain, thus the colour is less intense – don’t waste your stains!

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 007

As long as you remember to dry each layer, you can add more stain quite a few times.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 009

The next layer to add is distress inks, which are translucent of course, so you’ll get extra colour while still seeing the stains underneath.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 010

Now we’re ready to start stamping.  This is an Artemio stamp.  I didn’t put it on an acrylic block, because I didn’t want a perfectly clear image & I used Coffee Archival ink, that way the image becomes part of the background.   You can see that I applied more pressure when I stamped on to the first tag.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 012

The next layer was a floral stamp from Kanba stamped in opposite corners with black ink.  I also flicked some water onto the darker tag to break up the darker areas.

2013-05-05 001 2013-05-05 013

The final step for the background was to add some solid stamping using black ink.  Unfortunately, none of the stamps I have from Lisa are solid images, so I used these little butterflies & dragonfly stamps from my stash.

Distress Stain Dusky Concord  Distress Stain Shabby Shutters  Distress Stain Rusty Hinge  Distress Stain Tumbled Glass 

That's it for today, I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see how I finished these tags.  Until then, happy crafting.

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