Monday, 9 January 2017

That's Crafty Butterfly Acrylic Stacker

Good morning, Kirsten here, I hope the first week of 2017 has been good to you. Neither Lisa or I have had time to make anything new for the blog this month, so I reminded her that we had never go round to showing you the That's Crafty! acrylic stackers we made for the Extravaganza Day last July. Here's my first one; the Butterfly Stacker, made with chalk paints, Starlights, stencils & Stampendous stamps...........

***Don't forget to remove the protective sheets from each side of the acrylic pieces.***

The stackers come in four pieces; 3 acrylic layers & 1 MDF layer. I kept the MDF layer very simple, painting & stencilling it with Deco Art chalk paint, white gesso, Rich Gold Starlights

I stamped the Stampendous Field of Poppies stamp onto the reverse of the three pieces of acrylic with Jet Black Stazon ink, moving it each time to get a different height of the flowers. The great thing with acrylic is that you can layer up the pieces as you work to see how they look. And if you don't like them, or make a mistake, just remove the ink with alcohol solution & a soft cloth & start again.

 I wanted to see if Starlights paints would work on the acrylic & of course they do! I began by painting on a very thin layer with a narrow paintbrush & made sure it was thoroughly dry before adding more thin layers. I used Red, Green, Menthol & if I remember correctly, Bright Fuchsia & Cyclamen............

After the final layer of Starlights I painted white gesso on top. You won't see this when you turn the acrylic pieces over to the 'right' side, but it really helps the colours to stand out & the shimmer of the Starlights looks lovely shining through the acrylic.

I stamped the quote onto the second piece of acrylic with black Stazon ink. It's from the Stampendous 'Life is Art' stamp, I masked off the rest of the stamp so that I stamped was 'Paint your dreams...' After that I put all the pieces together with the screws supplied in the stacker pack & that was it.........

Butterfly Acrylic Stacker   Dinky Stencil - Bubbles Dinky Stencil - Distressed Harlequin Rich Gold SL Americana Chalky Finish Paint - Delicate    Americana Chalky Finish Paint - Escape    Field of Poppies  LIFE IS ART  Stazon Jet Black

I was so pleased with how this turned out, hope you like it too. I'll be back next week with another of my stacker projects. Have a great week.



  1. Love these, so clever. Great idea to put the gesso behind the paint to intensify the colour! Clever girly! xx

  2. I love the acrylic shapes, I haven't tried them yet, they are a stunning effect. Xx

  3. I'm discovering the stackers today, brilliant new product! I love your make Kirsten!

  4. I love this stacker Kirst absolutely gorgeous xx


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