Wednesday, 11 January 2017

More That's Crafty Acrylic Stackers with Starlights.....

Good morning my lovelies,

How are you all? 
Are we all ready for this cold spell that is coming our way? I certainly am not as I have said many times before I hate the cold, it really does me no good at all.

Those of you that managed to catch the Imagination shows on Hochanda at the weekend will know that I am a little under the weather somewhat at the moment!!
I actually had to go to my doctors when I got back from Peterborough on Monday and my doctor  gave me a flu jab, I have a chest infection and my asthma has come back!!!  I just can't believe my luck lately, I was unwell before Christmas and now have this on top. I have got anti-biotics now and will just have to take it a bit easy over the next few days.....

Thank you to all of you that tuned in and supported our shows by buying the fabulous products. Kerry-Ann and I had a great time and I don't think we have ever done so many techniques in an ODS before!  
I will be back on your screens in a couple of weeks on 22nd January with some fabulous NEW products doing a mixed media show, so I hope you can join me as I will be flying solo, ekk!! My first time!!!........

Well enough of me and my problems let's get on to the crafting........

As Kirsten and I said last week we are bringing you some of our Acrylic Stacker samples that we made a while back and Kirst did a fabulous post, step by step HERE if you missed it.
All the stackers are made in a similar way, just with products of your choice. I forgot to take any mid way pics, I always get too involved with the piece and just steam on in to it!!

The first two were made with the Stacking ATC's or if you wanted to make a slightly larger one, then the Panel 1 Stacker is a great size and my favourite as you have more surface space to work on.
I have listed the ingredients used to produce each of the stackers below them.......

Fresco Paints
Hobby Art Lavender Stamp

The stacker below is made using the Butterfly Acyrilic Stacker, I really loved working with a different shape and this butterfly was great .......

Fresco Paints
Hobby Art Lavender Stamp

Well I do hope you have enjoyed seeing more of these and I will catch up with you all next week.

Take care and keep warm.....

Love and hugs 
Lisa B xxx


  1. Love all of these! Must get mine out and have a try. Works so well giving depth.

    1. Thanks honey, WARNING.....they are so addictive once you start them...he,he xx

  2. These are lovely and I've never seen them before. What options can you use for colouring on the acrylic - not having tried this before I'm not sure which colour mediums would be successful.

    1. You can use Starlights, Sparkle Medium, Permanent Inks... Try what you have on a blank tag/piece of acrylic first and see!

    2. You can also use acrylic paints & chalk paints.


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