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Sweet Poppy Class Cards.......

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I hope that you are all well......

My apologies again with the late hour of this post but my life has been so hectic over the last couple of weeks and I seem to be chasing my tail all the time!!

First of all I would like to say a couple of things......
Unfortunately we have to say a fond farewell to Karen Clare who has had to step down from the DT Team due to family commitments. Thank you Karen for all your hard work, wonderful projects and inspiration on the blog and good luck with everything.
Karen will still be demonstrating at my Extravaganza day on 18th July, so you will see her there.

I will be away for two weeks from Sunday, I am off to Spain with my sister...yippee!!!!

Although my lovely hubby will still be here, he does not deal with orders so any orders placed on the website after midday on Friday, will be dealt with on 29th June. This will be a very long time in coming, well earned rest as my body is exhausted at the moment and I am very run down, so it will do me the world of good.......

Well tonight I thought that I would show you the class cards that the girls made last Friday using the delightful Sweet Poppy Stencils. I have to say the lovely Lu from Sweet Poppy has some delightful designs and I really enjoyed creating with them and ended up making heaps of samples which I will bring to you over the next few weeks.....

The class included a free Dotty Flowers Stencil and they used this for both cards but made very different looking samples.......

Dotty Flowers 

The first card that they made, they used Black Glossy Paste on white card using the Sweet poppy Spreader. (A lot of items sold out on the class day but will be back in stock in a few weeks when I get back.) They then used a straw cut on an angle to pick up ultrafine glitter to add to parts of the wet paste and then left it to dry totally.....

Later they came back to the card and from Double Sided Film they cut a mount out, peeled off the back and stuck down and then remove the front of the film and again added some glitter to the top of the mound. I then got them to guild the bottom of the film with gilding flakes. They then stamped a message and matted and layered it up. I think it produces a simple but striking card, what do you think?

Whilst they were waiting for the first card to dry I got them to start on the next card.....

I gave them a choice for this card to either create a full or partial background with a stencil using Distress Inks and a Stencil brush.
The first one below is the full background which is using the Imagination Crafts Bubble Stencil.
The stencil was taped down over the card and using the stencil brush softly, Distress ink was applied through it to create the soft background, the girls used the colours of their choice......

For the second choice, copy paper was torn and masked off an area of the white card before the stencil was taped down and then the ink was applied in the same way.
The background stencil was then removed and the Dotty Flower stencil was placed and taped down on top. (As Kirsten mentioned the other day, it is always best to use a magnetic sheet behind the card and then place the metal stencil on top and this stops the paste from bleeding underneath it )
The girls then used co-ordinating Versacolor Inks with Cut'n'dry foam to ink through the stencil to add colour. At this point it is very important to then clean the stencil thoroughly before you add any paste to it so that you do not contaminate the paste that is scooped back off before it goes back in the pot. I keep the stencil in place and rub it with clean kitchen towel until it is clean.
The girls then used Translucent Paste through the stencil, removed the stencil and then added some Crystal Glamour Dust. This was then set to dry whilst they finished the first card with the foiling.
When this was dry they added a message and some ink around the edge and then matted a layered and made up their second card.
Again a lovely card with a summer feel.......

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the inspiration and have a great week and I will hopefully schedule some posts for when I am away......
Bye for now, hugs
Lisa B xxx

Dotty Flowers  Glamour Dust - Crystal Dimension Paste- Translucent    Dimension Paste - Glossy Black

Cut-n-Dry Foam    Bubble Background   Domed Stencil Brush  Mega-flake Chariot of Fire

A4 Double sided Adhesive Sheet  Tools  

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  1. It was a super class Lisa,
    It's been a real pleasure being on the DT and getting to know you all.
    You've made me very welcome, it's been a privilege to be part of.
    Very much looking forward to the Extravaganza day.
    That time will whizz around!
    Speak soon and take care...
    Enjoy your holiday and a well earned rest.
    Love n Hugs xxKarenxx


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