Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Foiling with Sweet Poppy......

Morning all,

I do hope that you are all well and the weather is being good to you. I am still in Spain and this is another scheduled post from me.......

Today I thought that I would show you some cards that I made using Sweet Poppy Stencils and Mega Flakes with Double Sided Film.
The ingredients for the first one are:

Ultrafine Gold Glitter
Gold Mirri Card and Black Card

Cut a random shaped border out of the double sided film and then stick across your card, peel off the front and add the Yorkshire Dales Mega Flake and brush off excess with a stencil brush.
Then using the Sweet Poppy Black Glossy Paste and Dotty Flower stencil add the flower design over the top, making sure then stencil is as flat as possible ( I use a magnetic sheet underneath ). When dry add a message and a light edge with Black Soot Distress Ink.
I think this makes a really dramatic but classy card, what do you think?

This second card was created with the same ingredients in the same way but just using black card and added some glitter to the double sided film first before foiling, I also die cut the circles. The flowers were created the same but cut away and I decided to use just three of them and save the others for another project......

How different does this look, using the same ingredients but just changing a few things?? It is so great to test yourself and think out of the box!!!

I started to get on to a circle theme so I played around with a couple more.
This time I used:

Ultrafine Gold Glitter
Black Card

I die cut a white and black circle, using Black Soot Distress ink I added some background to the white circle using the Imagination Bubble Stencil. I then matted on to the black Circle and attached it to my card. As before I took some of the double sided adhesive and cut a mount shape and then added this along the bottom of the card as shown and also a black border.

I then removed the front of the film and added some gold ultrafine glitter using a straw cut off on an angle as you can control the addition of the glitter a lot easier. I then gilded the bottom of the film with gold flake and brushed of the excess.

On a separate piece of black card I used the Zen Thistles Stencil with Glossy Black Paste and left it to dry entirely. Once dry I put the stencil back on and used some IndigoBlu Flitter Glue on a piece of cut'n'dry foam to add some glue over the thistles. I then removed the stencil and added some areas of glitter to the thistles and then gilded the rest with the gold flake and brushed off the excess.
I then cut out the thistles and added them to the card. 
I really love the simple look of this card....... 

 I really liked the last card so decided to do another one using the Sweet Poppy Wishing Tree. I created it in the same way.....
Well let me know what you think of the foiling and whether it has inspired you to have a go?
Take care and have a fantastic week,
Big hugs Lisa B xx

Dotty Flowers  Zen Thistles   Wishing Tree  Mega-flake Chariot of Fire  Mega-flake Yorkshire Dales

Dimension Paste - Glossy Black  Glamour Dust - Gold   Bubble Background  Flitter Glue and KitsBlack Soot Distress Ink Pad


  1. Oh all the designs are so lovely and great color combinations.

    Hugs Diane

  2. These are all gorgeous. I think the Zen Thistles & the Wishing Tree cards might by my favourites, they are stunning.


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