Thursday, 17 August 2017

Card-io Stamps Used to Create a Mini-Scene Card

Good morning all, Martina here with another take on some of the newest releases from Card-io. Firstly though, how are you? Counting down till tomorrow home-time and the weekend? Needing inspiration? or, like me, trying to survive the school holidays with the kids? Whatever you're doing, I hope while you're reading my post today you can take a couple of minutes out...

So, I have no idea where the idea for this card came from. I just had one of those times when blank space seems intimidating. Do you get those? I usually find that the best solution is either:
1) start adding colour and create a background;
2) Sort through my craft stash until something grabs me;
3) Sort through my craft stash and think of lots of ideas which then morph into a muddle;
4) Stare at the wall and think whilst getting tea and biscuits (chocolate Hobnobs are preferred);
5) Start making the blank space smaller by dividing in up into smaller ones to fill instead of one large one.

This time, after starting with number 4, I progressed onto number 5 (thank goodness!). I decided that I would have some small 'apertures' in the front of my card with some small 'scenes' inside them. That way, I only needed to create small compositions and not one big one!

I wanted to work with different sized apertures, so I grabbed some of my basic circle dies to design my layout. I now had the sizes I needed and was able to plan the insides.

For my main aperture, I wanted to use the lovely wheelbarrow stamp from the Card-io Perfect Patch Stamp Set. I used a Stamp Press to stamp it on to some card, first using Cement Versacolor Ink and then Black to create depth/shading.

Once the wheelbarrow was complete, I stamped it again on some sticky note paper to create a mask.

Placing the mask over my original, I stamped the large poppy from the Card-io Summer Meadow Set using Cardinal Versacolor Ink. I used Black for the poppy centres.

To add foliage, I used the leaf stamp with Sage Versacolor Ink from the same set.

To ground the wheelbarrow, I tore some paper and used it to give me a base. Using Topaz Versacolor Ink and Potting Soil Archival Ink, I lightly rubbed some colour under the paper.

To add some interest to the scene, I used some bugs and a plant from the Backyard Blooms Card-io Set. 

Now for my next scene, I wanted to use the wellies from the Card-io Perfect Patch Set. I stamped them with Bamboo and Green Tea Versacolor Ink, adding the red detail with a pen. I added the soil and a bug as before.

To add some interest to the apertures themselves I decided to enhance the edges with a Black Micron Pen, some dashes and a bug or two! To make sure the dashes were even, I replaced the dies into the holes and used them as a stencil.

I created my last little 'scene' with the Pleasant Pastures Card-io Set and placed them all behind my topper panel. I only wanted a small sentiment, so I chose one from the Hobby Art Birthday Set.

Some matting and layering to bring out some of the colours used and the card was done (apologies for the lighting in the photo).

Thank you for joining me and my musings this week, I may see some of you on Sunday for Lisa's workshop? 
Lots of love

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