Thursday, 13 July 2017

Rice Papers, Florals and Foils with MDF

Hello all! Martina here with a post explaining how I made a very simple MDF hanging piece. First thing's first though, how are you all? Crafting lots? Enjoying some sun? I had the chance to chat to lots of friends at Friday's class, finding that although we have so many different reasons for taking up our crafty hobby, the main one seems to be escapism! I do enjoy a good natter at the classes, it is so nice to meet like-minded people and others that don't think I have totally lost the plot when I say I like sniffing paper...

Anyway, in case I lost you there for a moment...back to business, I promise!

I started my project with some MDF Hearts. I used a large one for the top, as that's where my message would be, and then found two others. Using a Crop-O-Dile I punched holes where I needed them to be later on (to be able to attach them together with ribbon). I then painted them all with  DecoArt Media White Gesso. They did not need to be totally white, (one coat is fine) as Rice Paper would go on top (but you do want a light base for this to go on, so that the gorgeous detail shows).

Once the MDF was dry, I painted Magi-Bond Decoupage Glue onto the hearts and onto the back of some of the Imagination Craft's Rice Paper Pattern 435.

Once the glue was dry, I used an old nail file and filing downwards, removed the excess paper from the edges. This leaves a lovely seal with a distressed edge.

Where the hearts had open sections, I sliced into the gap with a craft knife and then used a very small file!

Now for the gorgeous foiling. I chose a couple of corners and a sentiment from the Crafter's Companion Delicate Details Transfer Foil Set and used Raspberry Pink Foil over the top. Now I will admit here, Rice Paper and foils are not an ideal match. The fibres in the Rice Paper and the glue in the transfers tend to argue with each other. At first I was a bit concerned that the transfer would not be perfect, but when I applied the foil and it was slightly patchy, I thought it was cool! Even if you go a bit mad with rubbing the lolly stick on the foil and you leave pink scratches, it still looks effective!

Now for the pretty bits! Using some flowers, (colours picked from the Rice Paper and matched as well as possible!) I fiddled, tweaked, twisted and generally faffed until I had created some little arrangements I was happy with...

Before sticking my flowers in place, I wanted to tidy up those distressed edges and make the piece a little more 'vintagy' (yes I know that's not technically a word!). Using my finger and some Imagination Craft's Bronze Alchemy Wax, (I blimmin' love this stuff!) I added some wax to the edges of each heart and a little to the hearts themselves.

A hot glue gun to fix the flowers...

Some ribbon to hang them all, and we're done!

Hard to see the wax and the shine of the foil in the photos, but the effect is cool! I will see you next week for some more 'faffing'!


MDF Hearts - Set of 2 Magibond Decoupage GlueRice Paper Pattern 435 Delicate Details - Foil TransfersRaspberry Pink - Foil RollBronze AWX Media Gesso - White

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  1. Beautiful as always Martina, I just love your samples, your ideas are brilliant. xx


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