Thursday, 16 February 2017

Playing with Alcohol Inks, Stencils, Stamps and Sparkle!

Hello fellow craftaholics! I am being let loose again this week, playing (and making a mess with) Alcohol Inks! Yes, you guessed it, there are some 'mistakes' along the way...

My first step was to put some drops of Amethyst, Cool Peri and Mermaid Alcohol Ink onto the Applicator Felt on my Blending Tool.  I also added some Blending Solution so that the inks would be more 'movable' on my Gloss Card. Once my felt was 'loaded' I streaked my tool horizontally across my card and let it dry.

When the ink was dry, it sunk into the card and lightened slightly. Seeing that I could build up the layers a little more, I thought I would try using some ink through a stencil. I loaded a new felt with some Meadow Alcohol Ink and pounced through it through the That's Crafty! Dragonfly Flight Stencil. Once I removed the stencil, I realised that my felt had been too wet and that is why I had some blurring. Not to be discouraged, I kept going... 

Still wanting to experiment, I loaded another felt with some Mermaid Alcohol Ink and this time used it as a stamp pad onto a large word stamp. I stamped a couple of times, overlapping and just playing really!

Now, to hide my blurry dragonfly, I stamped a sentiment from my stash with Versamark and heat embossed with Wow White Powder. I did the same process with one of the Lavinia Hares and the fairy Shaylee Stamp (BARGAIN ALERT - Shaylee is 33% off on Lisa's Website!!) 

There was still a few little blurry dragonflies, so to disguise these I decided to add some Silver Stickles and make the fairy look as if she was creating them...

So what do you think?
Lesson learnt - don't go too heavy with ink if you want to stencil with it! (or if you do, plough on and cover it!)

See you next week,

Meadow AIWoodland Hares LAVSTShaylee LAVSTDinky Stencil - Dragonfly FlightCool Peri AIMermaid AIAmethyst AIAlcohol Blending SolutionVersamark Ink PadOpaque Bright White WEPStickles Silver


  1. Thanks for sharing this post...Great cover ups and gorgeous project, thank you x

    1. Thank you very much! It is always a relief when something can be saved! Thank you for leaving a comment xx


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