Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Vintage Blue

Morning crafters, Julie here, I hope I find you well today.
This week's card uses Imagination Crafts's Rice Paper 319, Sparkle Medium and Starlights.

First I took a 7x7 card blank and decanted some Diamond Sparkle Medium onto my tile, I loaded up my cut 'n' dry and applied to the edge of the card, this doesn't need to be too precise as it's only the edging to the final card. I used scrap paper  underneath so I didn't have to clean my mat!

I then took a piece of super smooth white card and cut it down to 160mm square, I chose rice paper pattern 319 and decided which part I was going to use. I coated the card square with Magi-Bond sticking the rice paper to it. I trimmed down the rice paper leaving a slight overhang which I secured to the back of the card with double sided tape, so I had a nice crisp edge.

This then became my canvas to work on. I chose the That's Crafty Dinky Flight of Butterflies stencil and masked off part of it with masking tape, as I only wanted to use part of this stencil in the top right corner. I used Agean Starlight Paint on my tile and some cut 'n' dry to apply this, then I moved onto the Dinky Reverse Honeycomb stencil and Silver Gold Starlights, applying this in the same way in 3 locations on the right of the card, avoiding the rose and rosebud as these were to be my main feature.

I took some more Diamond Sparkle Medium and applied this to the rose and rosebud with my finger to accentuate these. When the mediums were dry I flipped over my card and measured in 3cm from the left hand side and 7.5cm from the top and an additional 1cm. I then used my big bite to punch these 2 holes (any eyelet setter or a pokey tool and a pricking mat would do the same thing). I was then ready to flip over and attach a blue and white organza ribbons (trying to photograph this wasn't so easy, so I enlisted my sons help). If anyone wants to understand how I threaded the ribbon just ask me at class. I double knotted each ribbon and cut the ends off at angles.

I then mounted the main canvas to my card using double sided tape to make sure it adhered to the sparkle medium edge (I could have used cosmic shimmer but the DST was to hand...) and completed the card with a Hobby House gem on the knot, 4 pearls and some glossy accents on the butterfly to complete the card.

Rice Paper Pattern 319  Dinky Stencil - Reverse HoneycombDinky Stencil - Flight of ButterfliesSilver Gold SL   Diamond SM   7x7 White Card Blanks & Envelopes

I will end with a reminder that Lisa will be on the Hochanda craft channel with Imagination Crafts tonight & tomorrow, Wednesday, as part of the '12 Days of Christmas Crafting' event. Imagination Crafts are launching their brand new Starlights paints for TEXTILES!! More information & a few sneak peeks of Lisa's samples on the 
Imagination Crafts' blog.

I hope you like my make today, have a good day and see you next week.

Love Julie x

The Lisa B Designs annual Craft Extravaganza Day in Fant Hall is on July  23............
During the event day, there will be one-hour workshops, taught by Jenny Mayes of Hobby Art, Georgina Sweetenham of Designs by Georgina & Sue Baker of Imagination Crafts. 

Places for each workshop will be £6, are limited to twelve & must be booked in advance. We will post photos of the workshops' projects here & on the Lisa B Designs Facebook page as soon as we have them, but you can book from now, either by telephoning Lisa on 01622 675078, or email; lisabaker1@btinternet.com

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  1. Very vintage elegance, love it. The delicate ribbon sets it off nicely. The only problem I have is a don't want to use my rice papers as they are so pretty! Xxx


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