Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer's Day at the Seaside

Good morning crafters, I hope I find you well today.
Still on the theme of rice papers, this week I took inspiration from one of Imagination Crafts's seaside themed rice papers.

Firstly I cut a 160mm square of super smooth card and divided this into 4 strips (each 40mm wide) drawing pencil lines as a guide. I then painted each strip with a different colour using Americana Decor Chalky Finish paints. Don't worry if you don't stay exactly in the lines as it doesn't matter. The Chalky paint colours I chose were peach, turquoise, yellow and mint green. I put this on the window sill to dry and in the mean time chose the picture from the rice paper I liked and die cut this whilst also die cutting a white card circle the same size.

I used Imagination Crafts Magi-Bond to stick these 2 together, painting the white card with the Magi-Bond instead of the rice paper in this instance and left this to dry.

I then went back to my painted sheet of chalk paint and gave this a coat of Imagination Crafts
Crackle Medium and left this to dry again.

Meanwhile, I die cut a lager white card circle than the rice paper images ( I cut the middle out, but you don't necessarily need to) and painted some Starlights Agean onto my white tile and used the Imagination Craft Script Art Stamp to stamp over the white card. (Make sure you have a tub of soapy water beside you as Starlights stamp well, but also stick well to your stamps, so by dropping them in the water after using them means you can clean them up later rather than having to stop in the middle of crafting!)

I then returned to the chalky paint card that I'd crackle glazed and gave this a coat of watered down white gesso, (just mixed a little gesso with water on my tile), as I wanted a subtle look, and set this aside to dry again. It's fun to watch this paint dry as the crackle starts to take place. Sorry, pun not intended. :)

When this was dry I stamped over the crackled surface with Starlights Silver Gold using the same script text as before, making sure I re-distributed the Starlights on the tile using the paint brush before re-stamping to get even coverage of the medium on the stamp. I had a little Starlights left on my tile, so rather than put this back in the jar I painted a piece of white scrap card that was beside me, to use on the corners to bring it all together later.

To make corners I cut the starlight painted strip of card down to 30mm and marked up 2 30mm squares on the back with diagonal lines and cut this up ready for the corners.

Now all the card bits are made and be assembled together, with the background stuck onto a
7x7 card blank, I then stuck on the corners I made overhanging the edge of the background so they were square on the card blank corners (use wet glue for any positioning piece, as it allows you movement to place correctly).

I then stuck on the Agean stamped circle on flat, centering this first is easier as it's the largest piece. I then moved onto the outer ring of rice paper sticking this raised on sticky pads, the next rice paper ring was stuck down flat again and the central circle was back to being raised on sticky pads.

Now just the finishing touches, which are some pearls from my stash and some Glossy Accents on the water of the rice paper to highlight and the card is now complete.

I hope you enjoyed this card, as it was a fun one to make.

Art Stamps  Silver Gold SL    Crackle Medium    7x7 White Card Blanks & Envelopes   

Thank you for stopping by today.

Love Julie x


  1. Brilliant card Julie, lots of great techniques
    Jan xx

  2. Lovely card, the crackle & layered circles look great.


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