Friday, 27 November 2015

Starlight Tree

Hi there crafters, I hope you're all well and doing ok.

This week's inspiration is from the web, I adapted it so I could use the Starlights and Texture Paste through a stencil.

I took a piece of acetate 11.5" x 6" and folded it in half, then cut a piece of white Super Smooth card the same size as the acetate folded and stuck it on the back of the card behind the acetate, the reason for that is so you can write your message on the back.  As you can see I marked the white card so I knew were to put my tape for the patterned card to cover it.

I cut a piece of Imagination Craft Purple Snow card slightly smaller than the acetate and taped that on the inside of the acetate to cover any workings from sticking on the white card.

Next I taped the acetate down with stencil tape ensuring that it was a very tight fit.

Then taped down the Imagination Craft Christmas Fir Tree Stencil (Sorry forgot to take a picture of that).   I mixed some Transparent Texture paste with the Cyclamen Starlight paint, and smoothed it over the tree using the Sweet Poppy Spreader.  I decided at this point to spread a little glitter over the tree while the paste was still wet, putting it on with a couple of sweeps with a straw.  Left it to dry for about an hour.

I wanted a sentiment inside the card so found a Let It Snow die from my stash, which I cut twice, once in white and once in a dark mauve to match the paint.  I pasted the white die cut on top of the mauve to create a slight shadow then stuck that on the inside of the card.

Then finished off the front with a few gems, quite a simple little card so hope you like it.

Here's a photo of the inside and the finished card again.............

Take care all and see you soon.
Love Jan -x-




  1. Wow! Jan, that is gorgeous, the tree looks amazing. Can't wait to see it at the Christmas party classes next week.

  2. Love how the starlights mix with the transparent paste and therefore don't loose any of their glorious shine x Gorgeous card x

  3. Lovely colour mix Jan, looks great xx Not tried this paste, might have to give it a go!


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