Friday, 11 March 2016

Birthday Poppy

Good morning crafters, here again.  So today's card is a spin on the card created at the workshop last Friday.
I cut a piece of Super Smooth white card 5.75" x 5.75" and decided I wanted to use the new Imagination Craft Embossing Mat and Lisa's Poppy Stencil that you got free at the class on Friday.  So I embossed the stencil onto the Super Smooth using the instructions on the back of the Embossing Mat packaging, in my case I followed the instructions for the Grand Calibur.  (one little tip, I used the A4 sized plates and NOT the junior plates, only because using the junior plates is a very tight fit, and using the A4 it seems to go through much smoother)
The mat gives a super impression.
I taped down the card and placed the stencil back on top, which was quite easy being embossed.  I used the domed Stencil Brush and Imagination Crafts Stencil Paint Lime Green for the foliage.
I cleaned my brush with  wet wipe before using another Stencil Paint this time Mallow for the Poppy Head.
I removed all the tap and put the stencil straight into warm soapy water to soak.   I then used the Lime Green and the Mallow to paint in the open areas of the stencil then dried with a heat gun.
Once the stencil was washed and dried I placed it back onto card over the image because I wanted to experiment with embossing powders.  So I carefully covered the entire stencil with Versamark really pushing the ink through the stencil to ensure it covered the image, I quickly removed the stencil and put it straight into soapy water again, (another quick tip is to make sure you do this straight away otherwise, as it's a sticky ink, it will mark your stencil).
I covered the image with Wow Clear Embossing Powder and heated to get the effect below.
I was slightly disappointed that there didn't seem to be much difference between the outline and the filled in colours so I experimented more by covering the image with the stencil again and used the Versamark Pen just to go around the outline of the flower heads, removed the stencil and putting in  soak again, then used a Cranberry Coloured Embossing Powder from my stash and heated to get the effect below:
I then decided I wanted to just distress all four sides of the image using the Mowed Lawn Distress Ink then just used the TCW Mini Tiny Circles stencil in each of the corners using the same ink pad and created a slight darker image.
Then it was the finishing touches of black matting then lime green before placing onto a white 7" x 7" card, stamped sentiment by Woodware and a few gems in each corner.
Thank you once again for dropping by the blog, see you next Friday.
Love Jan -x-

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