Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Birdhouse Moneybox

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Kirsten here, taking a break from the butterflies, but staying with the flowers to show another of my event day samples, this time a wooden moneybox (not on the website, but available to order from Lisa).
I painted it, firstly with gesso, then with a number of coats of Martha Stewart acrylic paints; Pollen, Hailstorm & Hydrangea Purple..............
Stamping on a shape like this with a large stamp is not easy, so the answer is to stamp onto tissue paper with a permanent ink. I've used an orange Archival ink here.....
 (NB I used the Woodware Clear Magic stamp 'Georgina' on the moneybox, but these next few photos show 'Fiona' & 'Chloe' for demo purposes)
Torn tissue paper edges will blend into the background more easily than straight ones, so the way to tear the edges without the risk of tearing your image is to load a paintbrush with water, drag it down all four sides & gently pull the tissue apart along the wet seam................
The torn tissue will be dry in seconds..........

You need to make sure the tissue is well stuck to your chosen surface, so use a gel medium, such as Mod Podge. Brush it over the entire surface & carefully place the tissue on top. Gently smooth it down with your fingers, you'll get a few wrinkles, but most of them will be gone by the time the glue dries......  
Brush more glue over the top of the tissue, making sure the edges are sealed. Smooth over with your fingers again & leave to dry.
When the glue is completely dry, gently tear off the excess tissue paper.
Another handy hint: keep a paintbrush for gel medium only & keep it in water. If it dries, it will be unusable.
I stamped the Woodware Clear Magic mini flowers onto white Supper Smooth card with
embossing ink & heat set with WOW Bright White embossing powder & used Cut-n-Dry foam to apply Boysenberry, Ash RoseOrange Versacolor inks on top, then cut them out...............
I glued two of the flowers together, glued some thin wire behind them & used hot glue to keep them in the chimney, along with a little cotton wool 'smoke'..........
To each side I added a Tando bird & branch that I'd painted & stamped with Card-io Majestix stamps.
Georgina    Mini Flowers   Sweet Birdhouse       Mini pack of Birds and Branches Hailstorm   Hydrangea Purple Pollen     Gesso     Versacolor Ash Rose     Versacolor Boysenberry     Versacolor Orange    WL01 Bright White 160ml   Emboss Ink Pads   
That's it for now, thanks for looking.


  1. I love this, so pretty and clever.

  2. Love this! Thanks for the tip about using tissue paper for the stamped image. x

  3. Great money box, I bet you wish it was full. Love the technique with tissue it's one of my favourites to do on mdf. Thanks for such a good tutorial.xx

  4. Some great tips there, and such a pretty make :-)

  5. Great project...love the flowers coming out of the chimney. Who could resist putting pennies in this!

  6. Another lovely project. Those stamps are so clear, it seems, whatever they're stamped onto. Those flowers have a lovely sheen to them, I thought you must have used some mica-must try the Versacolor inks!! Thank you, Jan

  7. This is lovely. Great technique for getting the large stamp onto the birdhouse. Love the flowers.

  8. I think blogger has been eating my comments again so will add another one to this post!
    I love this so much and I love the fact that you have shared how you created it with us - thank you so much as I have wanted to learn how this was done for a long time but haven't found any tutorials out there Karen x


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