Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More Yin and Yang....

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Good Morning all,

Can you believe it....we are only three days away from my Event Day and there is still so much to do.......
Mind you it is shaping up to be a fabulous day in store for you all.......;0)

I thought I would show you the actual card that they made on the last workshop and then a similar alternative using a different IndigoBlu stamp and different stencil but along similar line of the yin and yang technique.....

They made this first one using the Diamonds Imagination Stencil and IndigoBlu Poinsettia Flower ( If you missed it, I did a tutorial on the blog last Wednesday on it HERE )......

I love the vibrancy of these colours this is pure summer to me! They did the card in four different colour schemes and it was lovely seeing them all emerge......

Now for the second card I used the same principles of the vibrant and then the clean look to the card but used the Crafters Workshop Mini Chicken Wire Reversed Stencil ( try saying that after a few glasses of wine!) and the IndigoBlu Wild Flowers Stamp...
I coloured in some of the chicken wire with a colour wash of Distress Ink and on the poppies too.....

A little closer look......

Well that is all for now, I will be back on Saturday with another scheduled post as I might have my hands full!!!

Big Hugs Lisa.B.xx

P.S. Did I say four more sleeps!!!!!

Poinsettia Wild Flowers 
Diamonds    TCW Mini Chickenwire Reversed


  1. The first card we did in class was so straightforward and so effective! I do love the wildflowers stamp on the second card.

  2. Two beautiful cards and they are so different even though it is the same idea. I have to say I really love the vibrancy of the first one and the second one says remembrance Day to me! Good luck with your event at the weekend...sad to say too far away to come :( xx

  3. Hi there Lisa - wonderful makes - I have seen the first one before - gorgeous colours though and I'm very happy to see it again. The second one is cool too - fab makes xx

  4. Two lovely cards...the same but different. I like the backgrounds and how they bring everything together.

  5. I love both of these cards and they're on my to-try list. I've been trying to work out a Christmas version??!! Thanks, Jan

  6. Fab cards, love the colours, you are so good with stencils, xx

  7. Beautiful cards. Love the technique and really want to try this out.

  8. Both of these are stunning Lisa but that first one really does call my name, so to speak! I love how you are using the stencils to create such fresh and modern cards - thank you for sharing Karen xx

  9. Love these, especially the poppy one. x


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