Thursday, 27 August 2009

Demo Day this Sunday!!

Hi All,

Sorry I have been such a bad, bad blogger lately. I have just been up to my eye balls keeping up with designing and with my stamps and classes and everything!!!
Still not complaining it keeps me on my toes. Trouble is my mind is always willing but the body is half a mile behind LOL!
Anyway here's a little treat, just to let you know to all my local ladies I will be showcasing the Popcorn stamps and CD's including Christmas at 'Invicta Craft centre', just off juntion 7 on the M20 situated in Notcutts garden centre, where I will be doing a demo this Sunday 30th August from 10.30am-3.30pm.
I will be using different mediums and techniques to show you how you can make some lovely professional cards.
I won't leave all you lovely followers out that have joined me from far and wide (I thank you all), as I will post the cards up next week and on my DO gallery (there is a link on my blog) so that you can have a good look too and get some inspiration Hopefully He He!!
So if you fancy coming along to say Hi and get inspired please do, all support is always well appreciated.

Well its bye for now and I promise to be a better blogger,

Love and Hugs Lisa.B.x


  1. have a lovely demo, that range looks gorgeous and cute

  2. I wish I could come down and see you in action :( I wil have to wait until you blog it instead.

    Have a great time

    Louise xx


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